It's In The Slug Mug

The first thing I do when I walk in the front door is take the spare change in my pockets and drop it into the slug mug.

the slug mug


Did you know that if you have the right ten coins, you will always be able to give exact change at a cash register?

Here's what you need:

"But wait," you say. "I don't see pennies in the slug mug."

You're right. Pennies are not worthy of the slug mug.

The Slug Mug Ritual is part of what the folks at Apartment Therapy refer to as "the landing strip" - the path you take when you walk through the front door. Having logical and easily accessible places for things like mail, keys, pocket change, your coat, briefcase/camera bag/etc keeps it from piling up all over the place - or getting lost.

Initially, my pocket change was insulted by the thought of ending up in the slug mug... but then I showed it where most of my mail goes - straight into the shredder. In comparison, the slug mug's not so bad.

Hhmmmm... I think my shredder needs a name.

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