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Hey - got a local blog? I'm trying to spread the word about It's A Kazoo Christmas, and who can deny the power of the web? Not me!

If you could blog about us - even if just to mention that it's a goofy event coming to Pioneer Square, it'd be really helpful. Just be sure to link back to the website: http://itsakazoochristmas.com

I'm especially hoping to find someone who is on Metroblogging Portland, a blogger for the O, WW, or anything similar. Or, if you know someone who is an active blogger, can you pass along this post?

It's A Kazoo Christmas is for a really good - and local - cause, the Kinship House in NE Portland.

The gist of the event is that we're building a kazoo choir to play Christmas carols in Pioneer Courthouse Square on Saturday the 16th, from 1 to 3. We'll be selling kazoos for charity. Every penny goes to the Kinship House. More info on them HERE.

Right now, our big push is to get people to join our kazoo band. Seriously... come be a part of this - it should be a lot of fun. ANYBODY can play the kazoo! No experience or talent is required.... just oomph. Sign up by emailing us. More info HERE.

If you write a blog post about it and would like to use our logo, please do!!!
You'll find it here (in four sizes)


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Mari said:


Do you mind if I come down and say hello?

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