The Trifecta

I had such high hopes for this fall, but the last three weeks have been worse than I could have imagined, and they left me feeling scared. Yes, scared.


Three weeks, and three incidents.

  1. The week before last, Tucker passed away. It was completely unexpected and downright devastating. He was twelve years old.

  2. Last week, my building flooded. All eight stories of it. It took four days to get the roof patched. Had it taken five, my loft would have been deemed inhabitable. Even with the patched roof, water already trapped within the building continued to seek its way through to the ground. At one point, it was raining on the inside of my windows as well as the out, and the back corner of my loft had a water-stripe from the ceiling to the floor.

    I stopped writing about it, because the writing wasn't cathartic at all. Instead, it only reminded me of just how scared I was.

    I wrote at least five posts like this:

    Bad stuff happening around here lately, and much as I try to keep my chin up, the world is closing in. More accurately, it's the water that's closing in. It's creeping around the corners on my loft, lining the walls and dampening the floor. It's dripping along the windows, and it's as scary as it sounds.

    I'm an optimist, but this...

    Though I'd begin each post with a feeling of fire and passion, I'd quickly find myself at a loss for words. There was too much to say, and no way to say it.

    I was scared of losing my home.

    I don't own. I just rent. But it is my home, and I'm proud of it. With the way prices in this city are going, I couldn't afford a place even half this nice if I had to move.

    I thought things were bad, but then bad took a turn for the worse.

  3. This week: I woke Sunday morning to a computer that wouldn't start. In fact, the only indication of having pressed the power button looked like a very bad sign. The button would light and then quickly fade to black, but nothing else. No monitor, no hard drive spinning, no computer fan. Nothing.

    Assuming the computer was dead, I had no option other than to add another $1,500 or so for a new computer to Tucker's emergency $2,500 vet bills from two weeks ago

In less than three weeks, I'd gone from money in the bank and zero debt to four grand in the hole and the potential of having to move if the situation in my loft got any worse.

Electrical problems - which couldn't be considered a surprise since water was coming out of electrical panels.

I was damn scared, but what could I do?

I did the only thing I could do at that point: deal with the computer situation - even if it meant buying a new one - so I could keep working, I called a dear friend and asked a favor. It was pouring down rain, and I needed a ride to the mall.

I wrapped my dead computer in a trash bag to keep it dry while hauling it to the Apple Store in Pioneer Square.

The Apple Store, in case you're not familiar, has what Apple refers to as a "Genius Bar" where they dish out fifteen minutes or so of free tech support.

When Apple's 'Genius' hooked up my Mac, nothing happened.

"Well that's certainly not good." That much, I already knew.

Then, he opened the case and searched for a button on the circuit board which more or less equated to doing a very hard reset. He closed the case.

I'd had water coming out of my loft's circuit breakers last week, and by the weekend, there was water creeping down the corners of my loft. I'd moved my work area away from the wall to make sure it wasn't near anything wet. Still, a fried computer came as no surprise.

What came as a great surprise was how the computer booted after he closed the case and hooked it up again.

"It's not dead?"

Apparently not.

And with that, things began looking up.

Now, I'm not saying my computer is A-OK. I shut it down during one bad storm we got this week, and it crashed like crazy when I tried to restart it. Being that I average two crashes a year (yes, it's been that rock solid of a Mac), I'm definitely spooked... but if I can hang on with this thing for a few more months, I'll be very very happy. I can pay off the vet-debt and get the new Mac once my building is back to normal.

I'm not saying my loft is A-OK either, but it's getting better. The water appears to have stopped, and the process of drying out the building had begun. And did I mention that the people I rent from are downright phenomenal?

I definitely feel fortunate, because things could have been much worse.

It's been a scary three weeks.

I'm due for a good one.


...to be continued.

::::: | Thursday, Nov 16 2006 at 9:57 PM
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chantel said:

Hugs to you. I totally understand.
But sometimes the clouds part for a little sunshine. You're definitely due!!

::::: | November 17, 2006 3:17 PM

Gretchen said:

One of the things that has impressed me the most about you, from reading your posts, is your eternal optimism. That being said, what a shitty little trifecta you have had to endure! Hang in there!

::::: | November 19, 2006 8:32 PM

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