One Hour Forward, Thirty Years Back

The closest thing I have to a hometown is Scranton Pennsylvania. Sadly, I'm not kidding - though if you mention it in public, I swear to god, I'll deny it. The last time I flew home was the summer of 2000, when I was living in Dallas Texas. The woman seated next to me leaned over and said "I need to set my watch an hour forward, right? I can never remember."

I told her Scranton was one hour forward, and thirty years back.

"I'm guessing you're not from Northeast PA then..."
"Oh, no. This is my first trip to the area."
"Trust me. You'll understand when you get there."

This week's playlist is a lot like a flight to Scranton in that we're doing a time warp while staying in the present. These songs they feel as if they're from another era, though they're not.

There's a 70s vibe going on here - especially with songs like Josh Rouse's 1972, which was recorded in 2003, and Ray Ray LaMontagne's "Trouble." Good god, Trouble sounds like it could have been recorded in 1972, but it's from 2004. Van Morrison would dig it, I'm sure.

"The Day Brings" by Brad (a side project of Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard) sounds like old Chicago - and I do mean OLD Chicago... as in, Chicago III, maybe. Good stuff. Meanwhile, OK Go's "Here It Goes Again" could easily have been performed by The Knack, or maybe by a band that brothers of the guys from The Knack could have been in. You know... their cooler older brothers.

By the way... I'm awarding myself points on this playlist for not adding anything by Oasis. That would have been too easy.

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