You Behind The Curtain?

Simon has been looking everywhere for Tucker today. And since there aren't that many places for a cat to hide here, he keeps checking the same spots, over, and over, and over again, because surely he's missed one.

I thought it was cute when I caught Simon peeking behind the curtains to see if Tuck was hiding back there, but now, Simon is lying in Tucker's favorite spot, looking sad. That pretty much sums up this day.

There's no getting around the fact that it's a sad day around here.

The scariest part of this experience came yesterday when the vet mentioned the word surgery and asked if I needed a cost consult before she did anything major.

Money was a thought that hadn't even occurred to me.

One of my boys was in pain. All I cared about was making him well. When the vet started talking about the possibility of Tucker needing an operation, I thought about his survival, not my cost.

But what if I couldn't afford it? What a sad, sad thought.

Granted, the cost would have to be pretty insurmountable before I'd even flinch, even if I couldn't afford it. He's my boy!

Luckily, it looks like the total expense of this disaster will be under a thousand dollars. No operation was required - at least, that's where we stood last night at 10pm. Tuck was resting as comfortably as a cat connected to tubes and such could possibly rest. I'll find out this afternoon how the removal of the catheter went. If all goes well, a very sore fuzzy buddy will be coming home tonight. I have my fingers crossed.

It's just not the same around here without him.

::::: | Saturday, Oct 28 2006 at 2:08 PM
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holly said:

Well did he get to come home? Are you still doing ok?

::::: | October 28, 2006 7:13 PM

The Other Holly said:

Yes, how is the little fuzz butt? Did he get to come home yet?

::::: | October 28, 2006 7:36 PM

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