Things Replace Things

"Try to understand
That an oyster can only make a pearl
From a grain of sand
But from what I don't know makes a girl"

What a great lyric from Brendan Benson. It's track 4 on this week's playlist.

Another fun one... Bloc Party - "Positive Tension"

He said you're just as boring
as everyone else
When you tut and you moan
And you squeal and you squelch
He said that you're just as boring
as everyone else
Nothing ever happens

Things replace things
Days replace days
Things replace things

But, lyrics wise, my favorite this week comes from "Give It Up" by The Format.

So the stairs that you could climb
Are the ones you've left behind
And your eyes light up
when we talk about the past
God, I miss those songs we used to sing
Talking like getting away
would be the greatest thing
Well me, I got out,
And you, you kept singing to me
Like that's really going to set this free

So give it up, throw your hats in the air
And change just as they land
You're saying, "We'll get out of here"
Something tells me that you're too scared to go

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