Nothing, Anything, And Everything That Will Never Be OK

First and foremost, this is not a September 11th post - other than that I posted it on this particular date.

God - how much it must suck to have a birthday today. Or a wedding anniversary.

But like I said, this post isn't about that. Instead, it's a typical Music Monday on Jalpuna post.

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Sometimes, it's fun to make an iTunes playlist by typing a word in the search bar and seeing what comes up.

For example: have you ever wondered how much poo is in your iTunes library? Of course you have. (We'll refer to that as your iTunes Poo-index)

Does this mean I'm posting a playlist of poo? Nope. Instead, for this week, it a playlist of Nothings, Anythings, And Everythings:

A few highlights...

The quote at the front is meaningless... it's just something funny sounding I found while doing a search for "Nothing." Though - indeed - there's nothing cool about walking around, singing Neil Sedaka... unless you are Neil Sedaka (but maybe not even then).

The "Nothing" remix of Depeche Mode by Headcleanr is damn cool. And, lyrically, the song holds up to the test of time.

Sitting target
Sitting waiting

is full of surprises
It advertises

What am I trying to do?
What am I trying to say?
I'm not trying to tell you anything
you didn't know
when you woke up today

Sitting target
Sitting praying
God is saying

Knows the prospects
Learned to expect

Ahh, the power of positivity, eh? Right. Moving on...

The song "Anything" by Seven Mary Three. Oh, so sad.

Impossible to hear what you said to me tonight
"can I have some covers back?
It's so cold on the wrong side of the bed.
Are you awake? Are you aware?
Are you anything?"

I know, I'm not the man of her dreams.
Daddy said she'd marry rich.
Rich? Richer than me.
I know, I'm not her man.
But she can take anything.
Anything she wants.

Another gem - Anything, by Mae. I love this one...
Borderline cheesy? Maybe - but I dig it.

It's the wave I ride
that won't ever reach the shore
Overwhelmed by the tide
of wanting nothing more..tonight
than to take this time and make it all mine

It's coming around again

Every now and again sometimes
I get lost on the wind of a dream
The air gets clean and the seas get wider
and I can do anything
The pain it won't even cross my mind
but there's wonder in everything
The rope gets loose and the chains unbind
and I can do anything

Somewhere between the darkness and the light
my spirit takes to fly
The colors fill the sky
and I'm free

It's coming around again

And then there's "Is Anything" by the Judybats.

Is what is what it was?
Was what was really what it is to me today?
Is what is what it was?

Is anything?

What do you when you don't?
What will you when you won't
...stay with me?
...lay with me...
Fuck me baby!
Is what is what it was?


Florida and blonde at fifteen
before the sinking in of things
before the critics in the wings
and the constant compromise

How can we
have wondered about so much for so long
and received so few answers?

Love - It!

Oh, and another gem! Everything, by Phoenix, with the following delicious quote:

The things I do possess,
sometimes they own me too

To pair up with a playlist about Nothings, Anythings and Everythings, I pulled out another playlist of "things" from the archives.

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