Autumn On The Way

The cool temperatures have me thinking of fall.

I know autumn doesn't officially arrive until Friday, but let the calendar be damned - I've got the season in my heart.

Thoughts of autumn make me long for dressing in layers and feeling crisp air against my cheeks. I'm dreaming of sipping hot apple cider by a crackling fire. My ears long for the sounds of leaves crunching beneath feet, while my eyes search for reds, oranges and yellows in the canopy of trees that line northwest streets.

Yes, autumn definitely has a sound that is unique to it. It begins with the pitter patter of raindrops and ends with that salvation army bell ringing as passers-by merrily make their way to downtown shops.

For some reason, this week's playlist just sounds like autumn to me.

...minus the bell, of course.

There are a lot of gems in there this week. I'm amused by the story being told by Liz Phair in "Chopsticks." Jamie Cullum's "But For Now" is super-sweet. There's a wonderful piano version of 3 AM by Matchbox Twenty.

And then there's "Mistress" by Red House Painters.

your praise little gifts you spent your money and stuffed me with didn't amount to anything

the attention i need is much more serious

a kind of weight you couldn't lift
even if your cheap career
depended on it

I need someone much more mysterious
to be my miss
to be my mistress.

Dark... but I love it.

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