The Lesson In The Lies

I wasn't there.
I could be wrong.
...but I've been told.
...and now I will tell you.

She said "I don't know if he's really the one," and then she looked me in the eye before quickly turning away so she could continue, saying "I can't put my finger on it, but I'm just not sure." I listened as she searched for reasons that might help to explain what about him wasn't quite right.

Though it was not her intention, her words were lies. I knew it by the look in her eyes.

She'd found love. I knew it before she did. The feeling was new, and different. And it scared her. I knew it before she did.

Weeks passed.

I picked up the pieces of her words as they fell from her mouth, and I saved them. And I saved snippets of the letters she typed and the thoughts she shared over the phone.

I saved them in my mind because I had a feeling that in her words, someday, I would find reassurance.

Some day... hopefully soon... I may meet my own special someone. And then, as I may search for what it is that might not feel quite right when the winds of change blow through my purposefully tranquil world, I will reflect on the words I saved. I'll think back on her search for doubts about the man she was afraid to call her new boyfriend. I'll remember that she didn't let her fear get the best of her.

She gave it time.

In fact, she gave it two years' time...

...and then she married him.

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