I Humped Your Hummer

When I first came across the website where people post pictures of themselves flipping off Hummers, F.U. H2, I thought it was hilarious.

FU H2 !!

The Hummer H2 represents everything that's wrong with American society. They're gas guzzling, environment damaging, poorly built when compared to how they're marketed, MacMansion driveway status symbols. Hummers are for single occupants driving their small-penis selves back to the suburbs after ogling the girls at a nearby Hooters (but not too nearby... what good is an 8 miles to the gallon status symbol if you're not seen out and about in it?). Hummers are for people who only oppose the building of a new WalMart if it's not going to be a full Walmart Super Center.

Fuck your Walmart.
Fuck your Hummer.
Fuck your ribbons.
And, last but not least, fuck the fact that you enjoy being hated for your vehicle.

...you know what ribbons I'm talking about: those "I support our troops" ribbons. Newsflash: the reason we have troops in Iraq is because people like YOU with your eight mile a gallon built on the chasis of a lower grade truck Hummer H-fucking-2.

Well. Now that I've mad my position crystal clear, I offer you the link of another site whose position is crystal clear.

I Humped Your Hummer (dot com!)

I Humped Your Hummer

From the "I Humped Your Hummer" about page:

"The act of humping a Hummer and videotaping it can be interpreted in a variety of ways - it can be seen as a political statement, a piece of performance art, an opportunity to satisfy a roaring libido, or a an amusing activity to engage in as you're walking down the street. Whatever your motivation, this website serves as a friendly forum to share your experiences humping Hummers."

Don't forget to read the I Humped Your Hummer Manifesto. And hump on, Hummer haters. Hump on.

::::: | Thursday, Aug 03 2006 at 10:32 PM
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slick said:

Oh my god, that's awesome. I knew about FU H2, but this is even better!

::::: | August 4, 2006 10:27 AM

chantel said:

Something to live for!!

::::: | August 4, 2006 2:27 PM

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