Don't Say No, We Must Go

Hard to believe it's the last week of August already.

I love spring and fall the way most people love summer. In fact, summer is my least favorite season. And yet, as summer comes to a close, I find myself longing for the slice of Americana that is the summer road trip.

Where would I go? Where would you go?

I posted the original version of Boston, by Augustana, from their indie release Midwest Skies and Sleepless Mondays - before the got signed to a major label and redid the song.

Sufjan Stevens wins best song title this week for sure. That's phenomenal!

I narrow these playlists down to ten because I like the idea of structure and potentially limiting bandwidth usage, though there is an extra song hidden at the end this week... still, there's never room for everything.

I didn't add "Shit Towne" by Live because it's not a real place (well, it's so many places, but nowhere in particular). Also, the runner-up for best place-song-title was one that didn't make the list: "Dallas, Airports, Bodybags" by American Music Club. I didn't add that one because the title has nothing to do with the lyrics, and the song isn't about travel at all - though it sure is superb.

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