Best. Disclaimer. Ever.

With a disclaimer like this, a website has to be good:

I have tried most of these things, and still live. However your experience may vary. I do not take any responsibility for any dammed stupid thing you may do to yourself, and am presenting this information solely for entertainment purposes.

What'choo talkin' bout, Willis?

...I'm glad you asked...

How'd you like some Fun Things to Do with Microwave Ovens?

I recommend NOT starting with a carton of eggs.

"[DANGER!] Similar to the 'tin can' method of major mayhem. In this case, the eggs all heat up, and go supercritical. This means that they are above the boiling point of water, but the strength of the eggshells holds them together - till one bursts, and the water inside instantly and all at once converts to steam. This smallish explosion naturally detonates all the other super-critical eggs. The result (same as for the can) is the blowing off of the door, and the coating of the surroundings in egg spludge."

This reminds me: the word 'spludge' isn't used often enough in everyday conversation.

I really hope this person is a home owner, not a renter ... and well insured. Then again, will insurance really cover the effects of putting a can of baked beans in the microwave for, say, an hour?

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