This Is An Illusion

She said "I love this weather!" and she gave me a wink and a smile that hinted of something more. "The sunshine makes me feel so alive. What a perfect day."

It was our first date, so I smiled in reply, though I could not agree. Instead, I said nothing at all.

She said "I think the world would be a better place if more people took the time to get out and soak up the sun. It does the body good! And the mind too."

Again, I smiled rather than reply.

Her shirt was red, her skirt was green, and her eyes, a vivid blue.

But today is an illusion.

First dates are for sunshine euphoria. They're for lighthearted humor mixed with sly glances. First dates are for short stories with happy endings, but life is a series of novels with a plot that only makes sense to those who outlive the main characters.

When summer becomes autumn, the blue sky will become a seemingly endless gray. And when weeks and then months have passed since the days when we counted these dates, I too will reveal my gray.

Will my charm be gone when imperfections reach the surface?

What then?

This is not real.

::::: | Saturday, Jul 08 2006 at 3:44 PM
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Mari said:

This entry made me think of this poem... I think it's the use of the phrase "What then?"... Enjoy!

I do not love you
Just as you are.
I love you
As I perceive you to be.
So if by loving you,
Touching you,
Knowing you
Changes my perception of you,
What then?
Love is not blind,
It is merely near-sighted.

::::: | July 8, 2006 7:42 PM

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