It Was In My Belly Bitter, But In My Mouth, It Was Sweet

Ahh yes, it's Music Monday here on Jalpuna.

"I'm just gonna shout this one, I'm just uhh, gonna say this to the people. Not so much the people in the audience as the people sitting in my mind..."
- Mike Doughty

When I find myself in a bit of a funk... an odd and inexplicable bad mood, I see two options.

Option #1: Dwell in it. So long as I'm by myself, I might choose to pull out the sad and depressing music and just mope around a bit. Why not? Every now and then, it's fun.

Other times, I go for option #2. I simply decide to be happy... I force a good mood on myself, and before I know it, I've tricked myself back into my optimistic nature.

This playlist began as an attempt to force a good mood... lots of up-tempo fun beat-driven stuff. But it didn't take too long before a funk settled in.

From that first track come so many great quotes, including the title to this post. The other title I debated for this week's playlist was "Charisse... Ah!!!!" Listen to the song, you'll know why.

Mike Doughty is so damn cool.

::::: | Monday, Jul 31 2006 at 12:26 AM
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Mari said:

Teardrop is one of my favorite songs ever... The next time you go on vacation, can I come babysit your music collection?

Thanks for putting these songs up -- I really need them this week :)

::::: | August 1, 2006 6:46 AM

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