I Kept Your Hair In My Sink

"I never told you this but I...
I kept your hair in my sink
from going down the drain sometimes
it kept you closer to me
and I wonder where you are
and I wonder where you've been
cause your voice it sounds the same
but you look and feel different
if I wear you like a scar
can I shed you with the skin?
cause the truth of who you are
is finally sinking in"

Those are the words of Andrew Paul Woodworth. "Scar" is track #9 on this week's playlist.

Andrew Paul Woodworth is a genius. Check out his site here.

The new Keane disk is good... I'm still getting into it, but I'm glad they're back.

I agree with what seems to be the consensus that the new Pearl Jam disk is their best in ten years. "Come Back" is a standout, in my opinion.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if you like the Jack's Mannequin track, buy his disk. You won't be disappointed. It's pinao-based alternapop-goodness.

I've tried getting into the new Dashboard Confessional CD. It's called "Dusk And Summer" and it's really a bummer - especially if you've been following their (his) music since their acoustic early days. Most of the new songs have such a formulaic approach... you can predict what you'll hear next before you hear it. Here's he part where he screams, here's the part where his voice gets soft... blah blah.

Dashboard Confessional is a step away from becoming an emo version of the band Rush, as far as I'm concerned. Where once he sang of relationships and longing for love, he now sings of capillary screams and visceral fires. He'll be singing about juxtaposed trapezoids before we know it.

...such a shame, because their early stuff was so brilliant. If you liked the Dashboard track on this week's playlist, I'd recommend the CD "The Places That You Fear The Most."

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