Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

...because that would make you an idiot.

You CAN, however, hate me due to my credit card balances. Here's the email reminder I just got about my visa card:


A quick reminder regarding you latest statement:

Amount Due: 0.00
Due Date: 07/02/2006
Account Balance: 0.00

If you have already paid this bill, you don't need to take any additional action. It is simply a notification that you have received a new bill.


::::: | Thursday, Jun 08 2006 at 12:23 PM
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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said:

Well, for Ghod's sake, go out and charge something up.

Otherwise, The Terrorists Win!

::::: | June 8, 2006 1:17 PM

Roscoe said:


::::: | June 8, 2006 6:55 PM

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