Songs For Girls Whose Mothers Are Bigger Than Other Girls' Mothers

From time to time, while doing research for work, I need to look up info on different radio stations. I'll never forget the first time I had to find an 80s station in the databases I use.

"WTF? How can it NOT be here? Impossible!"

A friend said: "You're looking in the wrong place. Check for it under oldies."


Oh. No. He. Didn't.

Before I could even bark off a remark about how I'm not fucking old enough to have the music of my god damn youth filed under 'oldies' I found the station I was looking for...

...listed under oldies.


That being said... I suppose the songs from this week's playlist are indeed 'oldies' - especially since two of them are twenty nine years old.

Most of these songs aren't the music of my youth. The music of my youth is what everything from my youth was. Bland. Boring. Disposable.

Thank little gee god that life has only gotten better since then! I feel so bad for people who look back on the past as the good old days. These are my good old days. I've no doubt that tomorrow will be better still. Hopefully yours will be too.

::::: | Monday, May 08 2006 at 12:00 AM
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Mari said:

This is my favorite set list so far, butonly because I capital ELL OH VEE EE the songs and artists... Last week I dug up my old Morrissey and Smith CDs, so this list comes at a good time :)

When I saw the title of this entry I got all excited, too, cause I am a big ol' Smiths junkie...

I heart Rob!

::::: | May 8, 2006 1:02 PM

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