Words Are Not Actions

"I love you" he says to her while opening the door, hoping she won't notice he's late... again.

She turns greet him as he removes his keys from the lock, fumbling a bit. She's hoping that maybe, just this once, he'll have remembered to pick up the dry cleaning. And who knows... maybe he'll have noticed that her favorite chocolate shop just happens to be next door to the dry cleaners. God does she have a sweet tooth. After five years of marriage he should know this.

But the only thing in his hands tonight are his keys.

* * *

This is the sort of thing I think of when I hear politicians trying to shape a national debate through talking points rather than facts. He says he loves her yet does nothing to prove it. As if saying "We're seeing progress on the ground in Iraq" makes it so.

"Mission Accomplished."

* * *

He grinned as he caught her eyes following him down the hall.

"I've still got it" he thought. But, really, she was just checking for another woman's lipstick on his collar.

"Yep, I've still got it."

* * *

The cheating husband rarely realizes the true cost of his actions. Neither do cheating politicians.

...until it's too late of course.

Maybe when Iran has a nuclear bomb, George Bush will realize the true cost of presenting the world with bogus intelligence to justify war in Iraq is a weakened and endangered America.

It sure appears to me that the winner of the Iraq war will be Iran.

Mission accomplished.

::::: | Monday, Apr 10 2006 at 11:17 AM
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Christie said:

Dude . . . love your use of metaphor. So appropriate here.

::::: | April 11, 2006 9:31 PM

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