You Sure His Name Isn't Peter?

The more things change...


Today, there was a bit of a shakeup in President Bush's cabinet. The good news is that his Chief Of Staff, Andrew Card, resigned. The bad news is that everybody else, including the president himself, did not.

Better luck next time I suppose.

Here's the part that I don't get...

To replace Andrew Card, Bush picked Joshua Bolten, his Office of Management and Budget Director.

I'm sorry... uhm... WHAT??!! Budget Director? Budget? We've currently got the largest federal deficit in our nation's history... so what does Bush do with his Budget Director? He PROMOTES him to Chief Of Staff?

Hoe. Lee. Shit.

The Peter Principle lives on.

It's worth noting that the President's first choice for a new Chief Of Staff wasn't available. In an attempt to extend his record of making the worst possible decisions, Bush nominated Hurricane Katrina. You can imagine his shock in learning that the Hurricane Katrina he'd heard everyone talk so much about was not a person's nickname but in fact a catastrophic weather event.

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mike said:

Dude, Deficit sounds bad, but a deficit forces the people who loan money to America to desire American success. When the deficit is up, investors want to help us so their investment goes up. Along with this, capitalism naturally has crappy years and good years. Bush probably just got the bad years. I'm definitely a liberal, but your rationale is clearly not analytical of the situation at hand.
Mike Matheson
P.S. I bet I'm the only person who read your blog. I hope I made your day
P.P.S. I like your approach to web design and your photos.
P.P.P.S I probably speelled many words wrong, but I don't really care.

::::: | March 28, 2006 10:36 PM

Me! said:

A comment on your first P.S. Mike...

I'm not sure how many hits I had today (I'll get those stats after midnight tonight), but yesterday, my blog saw 525 distinct hosts (meaning that doesn't count multiple hits from a single host). That includes the 153 unique IPS representing people who entered Jalpuna on the main page, plus people who entered the site on any page other than the main one, and it include people who read via rss readers and such.

In other words: no, you weren't the only reader today.

I'm definitely not one of the bigger blogs - nor do I attempt to be. I write for the pleasure of writing.

I hope insulting me made you feel better about yourself though. Well done! (even though you were wrong of course)

P.S. We're not just talking about a deficit here. We're talking about the biggest deficit in the history of our nation. Our deficit is all the more flabbergasting when one considers that Bush inherited a surplus.

::::: | March 28, 2006 10:49 PM

bonnie said:

"Bush probably just got the bad years."

Oh, poor him. He probably also just got the bad years when we had to start a war to create a scapegoat, then remove civil liberties, and continue to promote intolerance within our own country.

::::: | March 29, 2006 12:26 AM

Mike said:

War itself is bad, but the economy it creates causes our countries unemployment to go down and ends recessions. This war did not have the same effect (yet), but wait a couple of years and then we can be sure Bush is a stupid S.O.B.
P.S. I hope you haven't forgotten about what happened to Europe when we didn't help in the fight against the Nazis. French was invaded, but who needs the french anyway. Just Kidding, but I'm serious.

::::: | March 29, 2006 7:29 AM

Mari said:

Using a war to stimulate the economy is a Very Bad Idea (tm) -- Human lives being traded for more jobs? Not how I would want things to be done...

PS - Since PSs are all the rage, I wanted to include one, too.

::::: | March 29, 2006 7:51 AM

Not Dumb said:

Credit card debt is good for the companies that bankroll the debt (credit card companies), but that doesn't make the debt good for consumers. Think about how much debt we'd be talking about if it were personal debt.

The United States loses a lot of money on the debt's interest alone. Wouldn't it be great to spend that money on national security? Too bad.

::::: | March 29, 2006 9:40 AM

Not Dumb said:

P.S. I forgot to add a P.S.

::::: | March 29, 2006 9:41 AM

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