The Lonesome Lover

How could one be more alone than to be alone on Valentines Day? Or Thanksgiving. Or Christmas. Or at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. These are times to share.

As I pass along the streets of Portland, it's hard to ignore the river of red that flows from storefront to storefront, from window to window. There are red heart shaped balloons on display in the grocery store. And red roses in the flower shop. And red heart shaped boxes of chocolates in the candy store, adorned with red bows. Restaurant tables with their white linens glow with the light of red candles dancing through red wine. And I smile, though I know these are joys for someone else because today I am alone.

But I'll take a hopeless romantic's Valentines Day alone to the life of hopelessness that would come with having given up on love. I've got too much joy yet to share.

You can call me naive. You can call me a fool, but you can't dismiss the overpowering feelings that make your heart skip a beat when you meet someone new and feel the spark of possibility.

The fact that you know what I'm talking about proves I am right.

This Valentines Day may indeed be a complete loss for those of us with no roses to give, no chocolates to receive. My bed will certainly feel a little more empty tonight.

Well, so be it.

I'll let the empty bed serve as a reminder that there's room for two; room in my bed, room at my table, room on my couch, and most important of all, there's room in my heart.

There's room for two.

Though I am alone on Valentines Day, I'll never give up on love - because tomorrow is a day that needs no name to make it special. Today will soon be over and done, but there are plenty of tomorrows yet to come. That being the case, if I had to choose, I'd rather be alone today.

My time will come.

There's always tomorrow.

::::: | Tuesday, Feb 14 2006 at 10:53 PM
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Mari said:

"The fact that you know what I'm talking about proves that I am right."

That line made me smile... This entry says a lot -- not only about you, but it illustrates a refreshingly healthy view of being on your own on any major Holiday... I wish I were single so I oculd date you *grin*

Does that just sound wrong? *laugh*

::::: | February 15, 2006 7:22 AM

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