Opposites Attract

Him: white fur shedding.

Me: dark gray sweater wearing.


"Yeah, yeah... I love you too."


After lint-rolling my sweater for what must be the billionth time, only to find Tucker sitting smugly on the couch, well... I had an idea.

OK, it was a stupid idea, but it was an idea nonetheless.

"What if..." I foolishly said to myself. "...what if I got even."

"With the cat?" my brain said.

"Yes dammit! With the cat!" I replied.

"Can't be done" my party-pooping brain stated confidently. "Man verses feline: feline wins. It's been this way for centuries. Who are you to challenge history?"

"Who am I?" I shouted. "I am Rob!"

My idea was simple really. I'd take a black fuzzy towel and rub the white cat in an effort to turn the tables on him... see how HE likes being covered in lint... let him know how it feels when he covers me in fur.

My brain cried out: "Stupid!"


...brain be damned, here I go.

black towel

I found a fuzzy black towel, and I used it to wipe the white cat.

wiping the cat

And now, the results:

the towel

Towel: 0
Cat: 1
...thus: Cat wins

I now have a furry towel, and a lint-free cat.

the cat

Really, I should know better.

::::: | Monday, Jan 30 2006 at 11:01 PM
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Mari said:

*laugh* Oh my... Yeah, I think the brain had it right this time... I find that a scrunchy on the tail or a mostly unstickied piece of tape stuck to the cat's forehead is amusing without being traumatizing or damaging :)

::::: | January 31, 2006 8:28 PM

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