I was on a date.
We were walking.
And talking.
Talking about everything and nothing at the same time as we wandered through downtown on a Saturday night.

I don't even know if we had a destination in mind at that point.

"Hey, you hungry?"

"Sure, what'cha thinking?"

"...oh, I dunno."

"...well, we've got lots of options. What sounds better? A restaurant or pub food?"

"...y'know, I could really go for a burger."

"Really? Me too!"

As we walked, we continued with the fun yet mindless getting to know someone new chit-chat.

"It seems like everyone in this city is vegetarian!"

"I KNOW!!"

As we turned a corner, I spotted the sign for a restaurant that I'd been told was a great place for breakfast. God, how I love breakfast. It's by far my favorite meal of the day.

"Hey, what corner are we on? I need to remember this place!"

"Oh yeah. You're blind."


Her words hit my ear like a bullet through my soul.

The seconds that followed seemed as if they lasted an hour. I felt as if a giant spotlight had been lit to put me in clear view so every person on the street, every car passing by, and every person seated along the restaurant window could have a better view to see who her freak companion was.

The world became instantly silent, as did I.

She said "We're at Second and Stark."

::::: | Saturday, Jan 21 2006 at 11:13 PM
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J said:

So as there is always two parts of a story..here's mine:

We we're wandering aimlessly in the cold about downtown talking about different foods and restaurants trying to figure out where we should go. At this point, I'm not so worried about what I'm going to eat as long as i get out of the cold, biting wind. So I'm thinking of any restaurants that i know in the area.

We pass by "Mothers Place."

" hey wait..."
Feet, you better stop and back it up.

"...So this is where Mother's is at!"
" oh yeah, they're suppose to be good for breakfast." Knowing nothing more of this restaurant, as i have never been, my mind goes back to thinking "where is somewhere warm around here we can go? Somewhere warm?

"Hey, what corner are we on? I need to remember this place!"

As I'm thinking "somewhere warm.. somewhere warm?" a part of my brain hears the question, categorizes it as "rhetorical. no need to answer." but then there's silence as if he's waiting for an answer. Why? He can see just as well as i can! I look up to see he him squinting at the street signs. OOPS!! it hit me..

"Oh, yeah! You're blind." remembering how he casually told me the week before when we were comparing glasses and telling stories. Quickly i squint at the street signs. "We're on 2nd and Stark!"

...now somewhere warm?

::::: | January 22, 2006 12:37 PM

Me! said:

A few quick thoughts.

Hi J.! (picture big enthusiastic waving hand gesture)

I wrote this post quite a while ago but never posted it. I told J. that I'd written it and she said it was ok to post.

J. is one of the least judgmental people I've ever met. She wasn't insulting me - just stating a fact. But it doesn't make the fact any easier to hear.

Think of it this way. Imagine a guy saying to a woman "oh that's right, you're fat." Or, at the point when they're getting intimate... he takes her shirt off and says "oh thats right, you're flat."

The post wasn't so much about what she said as it was about how I reacted to it.

::::: | January 22, 2006 3:37 PM

-leslie.- said:

I know how you feel. Today I was in class at University of Houston and suddenly remembered in the middle of my sentence to the class that I was a lesbian. And then I tripped over my pronouns for a little bit, and then I beat myself up for being internally homophobic. I feel like I walk a line between trying to stand up for myself and realizing that I live in one of the least tolerant states in the union.

::::: | January 26, 2006 4:21 PM

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