Kiss. Write. Tremble.

Think back on a really good first kiss. Really picture it in your mind. Remember as many details as you can.

...recall the way the two of you came closer together.
...remember the tension and excitement.
...think back on the nervous feeling.

Were you just a little bit shaky? A tad bit twitchy? Did you tremble a little?

When I sit down to write a sad story, I know it's coming together nicely when I feel like that.

Literally - Just. Like. That.

So often, when I'm writing a difficult story, I find myself playing the part of the narrator - as if I'm telling someone else's story.

In some ways, I suppose that I am. Some of the most powerful writing I've posted here consists of accounts of my past... stories about the person I used to be.

I want to write fiction - really, I do. But the power of the truth fascinates me.

Someday, I will reach into this head of mine and pull out a novel. Until then, there's plenty of twitching yet to do.

Who knows... maybe the novel will be twitchy too.

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