I Eat Fewer Bananas Due To The Death Of Analog Phones

It was the spring of 1991. My college roommate, Jeff, and I were on a banana binge.

Our university meal plan came with something called "flex dollars" which could be used like a debit card to buy vastly overpriced junk food from their highway robbery quickie-mart. The best options were either Pop Tarts or bananas. Being that we were in college, we bought the Pop Tarts until we could stand the sugar-high no more. Then we moved on to the bananas.

Each dorm room on our campus came equipped with a big clunky AT&T style phone like this:

old phone

One day, for no reason at all, rather than hang up the phone, I put a banana where the receiver should rest. Jeff, realizing this was funny, proceeded to make a holder for the newly-homeless receiver.

Our odd banana/phone combo only got funnier when we had company.

...The phone would ring.

One of us would say to the visitor...
"Hey, can you get that?"

The visitor would walk over to the phone and pick up the receiver, looking confused about what to do next as the phone kept ringing.

The trick, of course, was to pick up the banana.

"Are you gonna answer it or not?"


Stupid? Definitely.

Hilarious? Absolutely.

Damn the death of analog phones. Try to hang up a cell phone with a banana. It doesn't work.

Oh, and damn bananas for going brown after a week or so.

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