I'm The White Trash Guy






"Hi, this is Jen. I must be away from my phone, so leave a message and I'll return your call as soon as I can. Thanks."


"Hi Jen, this is Rob. I'm the white trash guy. No... wait... hang on... that doesn't sound right at all. I'm gonna try that again, ok?

I'm Rob - the guy who's selling a white metal trash can..."

* * * * * * * * * *

Yes Virginia, there is a place where you too can swap white trash for red wine, and that place is Craigslist.

Not only can you trade white trash for red wine, you can amuse the crap out of yourself in the process.

Kudos to Jen, the woman who traded a bottle of good wine for my trash can. This gal must have personality o-plenty. Though it appears to have 'Rob' written all over it, the "White trash for red wine" comment was hers.

Normally, I'd never post a private email, but this was too good to keep to myself. Here's the email she sent in response to the ad I posted:

"My stove insists on running an equal-opportunity kitchen...

... all my appliances embrace diversity. However, they do have a bit of a bias toward white trash, seeing as that demographic tends to be less than progressive in their views toward other races. Being that your trash can is white, and eats trash... well, we're walking a dangerous line here. That said, your trash can would look hot in my kitchen, and I know the fridge is always happy to provide diversity awareness counseling to anyone who will listen"

Show me a fridge that isn't Jen, show me a fridge that isn't... (well, according to my original "White Trash" post, I guess mine isn't. My fridge was the one who called the white trash can a honkey)

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