Crash! Bam! Poop!

Oh the things I miss while enjoying bowel movement. This one in particular really did turn out to be spectacular... so much so that I didn't hear a car colliding with a firetruck right below my windows!


I need to eat more fiber...

...and somebody needs to slow the hell down! Note that the firetruck was parked at the time. I can't figure out how this accident happened.   ...bizarre.

Well... after a trip outside, I found out that the driver claims he was swatting at a bee inside the car. This makes me wonder: If a bee is flying around inside a moving car, and the car unexpectedly stops moving, does the bee maintain forward momentum until it collides with the car?

I bet nobody took the time to consider this accident from the bee's point of view...

::::: | Thursday, Nov 10 2005 at 10:56 AM
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