A Little Off His Game

A bit of fun video, courtesy of the BBC. After a Beijing reporter accuses our fearless leader of being a little off his game, he barks off a comment about jet lag, and then attempts a Snagglepuss style hasty exit, stage left.

If only the door hadn't been locked.

"I was trying to escape. Obviously, it didn't work"

- George W. Bush


But, y'know... they've got a saying about doors in Texas.

"Fool me once... shame on... shame on you. Ya' fool me, can't get fooled again"

- George W. Bush

I wonder if they've got a saying about phones in Texas too...

::::: | Monday, Nov 21 2005 at 12:58 AM
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Gretchen said:

Proof that Karma has a sense of humor! This will never cease to be hilariously funny - ever!

::::: | November 22, 2005 4:08 PM

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