Mapping Out The Loft

"Do you mind if I take a few measurements?" I asked, while pulling out a 25-foot tape measure.

Lucky for me, she didn't.

'She' is the owner of the loft I was getting a tour of. I hadn't even walked in the door before knowing I wanted - no, NEEDED - to rent it. As I stood on the loft's hardwood floor, I could see my stuff everywhere. ("The bed could go there, jutting out into the center of the loft along that odd diagonal wall. Yes! Yes! That's it. And my desk will go over there. Ooh....")

She seemed to enjoy my enthusiasm. That's good, because there's a fine line between enthusiasm and a psychotic disorder. I'm sure I came within inches of crossing it.

Once I knew the loft was mine, and once I was back in the privacy of my own home of course, I let my obsessive compulsive tendencies take over.


First, I scanned the loft's floor-plan and opened it in Photoshop, scaling it to fit the measurements I'd taken.

"1 foot in the loft = 1 centimeter on my screen." OK!

(now the part where you say "Oh no he dih-int!")

Then I measured my furniture and put it to scale as well...

The loveseat...
the loveseat

The bed...

The table (with chairs pushed under)...

I measured everything in Photoshop, making each piece of furniture a layer so I can re-arrange the place at will.


Geeky? Yes.

Fun? You bet.

Overboard? ABSOLUTELY!

P.S. Here's a look at the floor-plan above... Living-room on the right... the little black box at the top is my entertainment center, CD tower is brown... The top three black squares are my office/desk/work-area, and keep in mind that the bed has curtains, thus it creates a wall rather than just being a bed in the middle of the room. The purple box at the bottom is a closet that's actually on wheels.

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Mari said:

My obsessive compulsive tendencies respect your obsessive compulsive tendencies in a big way... It makes me feel better knowing that someone else does crazy stuff like this *grin*

When planning my wedding this past year, I took a floor plan of the room we were using and cut out little tables with chairs so I could rearrange the room to my heart's content before meeting with the facilities guy and going over things with him... He thought it was weird but effective :)

::::: | October 10, 2005 12:47 PM

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