Goodbye MCI. Hello Problems

I really thought it would be a challenge to out-stupid the people at MCI. After all, the last time I moved, it took MCI two months to move my phone service a total of one city block. Those geniuses transferred my phone service from my old address TO my old address. They then confirmed that it worked. Meanwhile, I sat at the new address waiting for service. "Didn't it strike you guys as funny that you were transferring my service TO and FROM the same OLD address while sending the bills to a NEW address?"

That's pretty dumb.

I decided that the next time I moved, I'd dump MCI.

And I moved.

And I dumped MCI.

Qwest was the obvious choice. They own the phone lines here in Portland, meaning that other carriers have to contract with them anyway. So, fine. I called to switch to Qwest for service in my new loft. The process has been anything but painless.

First, Qwest misspelled my name on the initial order. Correcting it involved a two day delay of my appointment to have a technician set up service. Then they informed me that there wasn't a technician available on the day of my appointment - which is odd, because D. had an appointment with a Qwest technician to set up service at her new place ten blocks away on the very same day. Eh? Another four day delay for me.

On Tuesday, the day of my twice-delayed appointment. I was expecting a UPS package, so I hung a note by the entry of my building to let them know I was home but without phone service (meaning they couldn't ring me). My note said to come on up.

The UPS gal arrived, but no Qwest technician. Eh?

When I left the building that night for dinner, I found my note had been moved, ever so slightly.

My note saying that I was here had been taken down by the Qwest guy, who taped it to HIS NOTE saying that HE'D BEEN HERE.

What. The, Fuck?

Come on now folks. That is beyond stupid.


Hello!!?! Mr. Qwest guy...? The reason you were showing up is because I have no phone service.

Follow my train of thought here for a sec...
No electric = no power for lights. Right?
No gas = no cooking on the stove. Right?
No water = no pooping in the toilet. RIGHT?!?
No phone service = no phone to call the phone company with.

And hey, where's the explanation as to why he didn't do his job the first time? Einstein checked the box but wrote nothing down. Thanks for that. Big help.

What a good gig being a Qwest technician must be.

"Hey Chuck! Got time to sling back a few beers?"
"Awe I dunno. I got lots of repair stops to make."
- Hang note: Qwest was here!
- Hang note: Qwest was here!
- Hang note: Qwest was here!
- Hang note: Qwest was here!
"Well looky there... my afternoon's all freed up!"

I borrowed a friend's phone last night and called Qwest.

"I see you've already been scheduled for another appointment tomorrow sir."
"Really? Were you guys going to tell me that so I'd know to wait around all day again?"

The woman at Qwest was so confident that this issue would be solved that she took my email address and said she'd call me at 12:30 to confirm that the line was working. And if it wasn't, she'd email me to let me know exactly when a technician would arrive.

It's now 4pm 5:30.
No Qwest technician.
No email.

::::: | Thursday, Oct 27 2005 at 5:30 PM
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Gretchen said:

Qwest can out-stupid anyone, anytime, anyplace. Never underestimate the Power of Qwest!

::::: | October 27, 2005 4:47 PM

rats! said:

Dude, don't you think that after two years of this crap it might be time for a cell phone? That way you don't have to deal with Qwest or MCI. Then get Comcast internet. And in the long run it ends up being cheaper too! Can't beat that.

Just a thought.

::::: | October 27, 2005 6:18 PM

Me! said:

Actually, it would cost me a fortune to give up the land line and go cell. Working out of my home means everyone I need to talk to is a long distance phone call (I don't have any Portland clients). I'd tear through minutes like nobody's business.

BELIEVE ME, the day I can get unlimited minutes for anywhere even close to what I'm paying now, I'll jump at it and never look back.

My total phone bill with Qwest for local and unlimited long distance will be around $65.

::::: | October 27, 2005 6:40 PM

Amber said:

Dude-if you have broadband, go Vonage. For 25.00/month, you have unlimited calls in the US,Canada and Puerto Rico, and all the sweet hot voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting action you can handle. You won't have to wait around for anyone-they just send you a do-hickey, you plug it in and plug in a phone and you're good to go.

::::: | October 28, 2005 8:00 AM

bonnie said:

Pretty much all phone/cell/cable companies suck. I don't think there's any getting around it. There are just too many points in the process where things can be screwed up, and nobody in the company is trained properly. I think they must just pull people off the streets, sit them down in a cubible, and say "have at it!"

I've been pretty lucky with Qwest so far, though. I've had them since May and everything has been peachy.

::::: | October 28, 2005 1:46 PM

Me! said:

Well, better late than never. My phone is now up and running.

The trick was to call Qwest and tell them that a technician WILLL be at my place first thing in the morning.

The real issue for me is that I really like my phone number, and keeping a phone number after a move can be a huge hassle. However, next time, I'll seriously consider going with VoIP, like Vonage or Packet 8. Geez, Packet 8 is only $20 a month, unlimited local and long distance!

::::: | October 28, 2005 2:25 PM

Amber said:

You can keep your existing number with Vonage sometimes-they have a handy thingbob on their site to see if they can transfer your number(http://www.vonage.com/features.php?feature=lnp)

I'd guess Quest only got your phone hooked up because their spidey sense told them you were at the end of your rope and about to bail on them. I think this is part of their new and improved customer service policy.

::::: | October 29, 2005 8:26 AM

Msmefefe said:

Amber even if she gets vonage you still have to deal with qwest you need an outside stand alone line to hook up vonage along with the dsl. Its pretty fucked that qwest has their dirty ass hands in everything.

::::: | July 31, 2008 10:08 PM

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