Katrina And The Carnival Of Ineptitude

Just passing along a few items from the web...

First, it's a flash cartoon by Mark Fiore called "Whoopsi Gras." The ending is really powerful.

Click to watch it.

Also - here's a superb timeline for the events of last week and how they unfolded, with sources cited. [LINK]

Katrina struck the gulf coast on Monday morning. When did the Louisiana governor declare a state of Emergency? Which member of his cabinet got booed after a performance of Spamalot on Broadway two and a half days later? Which country music artist taught Bush to play guitar when he should have been attending to the crisis? The answers are in the timeline. It's definitely worth reading.

Next item: I received a link to this picture in yesterday's comments:

dubya cheer

Of course I realized the picture was altered. Bush was edited into the New Orleans shot. What I didn't realize is that the picture of Bush learning to play Guitar in Colorado, and shot of the hurricane victims in New Orleans were both taken on the same afternoon.

And speaking of pictures - here's a picture of a TV tuned to Sky News Ireland that was taken last week.

Yeah yeah, I know that's not what they meant... but it's still funny.

(and true)

And last, but not least - a quote from CNN's Anderson Cooper when he was a guest on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher:

"All these politicians all this week are saying, 'Well, you know what? This is not the time to point fingers; this is not the time to, y'know, quibble about things.'   Well, y'know what? When is the time? Because I'm happy to write it down in my engagement book and make an appointment. Because, to me, the time is now, when the world is watching."

I couldn't agree more.

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Beth said:

Thank you for posting that timeline link. That was a nice comprehensive list, and it gives me some ammunition when I point out to someone that Bush is evil incarnate, and he tells me that it's was really the state and local government that failed. (There's not a specific "he"; I was just attempting to be gramattically correct.)

And, yes, that Sky News Ireland picture of Bush is great.

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