Autumn Is A Time For

Gray skies.
Earlier sunsets.
Darker evenings.
A soothing rain.
The crisp feel of an evening breeze.
And rosy cheeks.

It is time for green leaves to turn marvelous shades of orange, red, yellow and brown, painting the city in soft earth-tone colors.

Apple cider.
Apple pie.
Pumpkin pie.
Cheery pie!
Sweet Jesus, give me some sweet potato pie!

It is time for dressing in layers again.
Button down long sleeve shirts.
Sweaters so soft and warm.
A rain hat.
A jacket that wears like an old friend.
A scarf on a colder day.
Comfortable shoes.

It is a time for the crunch of fallen leaves beneath my feet.
The way the fallen leaves smell.
The smell of a fireplace.
The smell of hay.
Hay rides.
Corn mazes.
Pumpkin patches.
Jack-o-lanterns, which I do find to be a little creepy, and yet, I love them.

It is time for heavier foods.
A hearty beef stew.
Heavier, darker beer.
Oatmeal stout.

It is a time for the pitter patter of raindrops.
Splashing through puddles.
The city glistens with wet streets.
The sound of car tires driving through them.
The beauty of rain passing in front of a street light.

It is a time to rediscover candles at the dinner table.
And the way the little flames light a room.
And the scent they give off.

Hello autumn. Oh, how I've missed you.

::::: | Friday, Sep 30 2005 at 12:01 AM
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ab said:

It's my favorite time of year.

::::: | September 30, 2005 11:08 AM

bonnie said:

me too, me too! i miss it the rest of the year.

::::: | September 30, 2005 11:39 AM

Me! said:

Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one!

...and I didn't even get to the good stuff in late-fall.

::::: | September 30, 2005 11:43 AM

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