A Sophomore In Sociology Class

It was the first Tuesday of my Sophomore year of college. 11:00am. I was sitting in Sociology class. And I... Didn't... Give. A Fuck.

Not even half a fuck, really. Not even a quarter.

The class was a prerequisite for my major, which means I was there because I had to be. As luck would have it, the professor was there for the same reason - because he had to be. I wanted to take courses about media and marketing, and he wanted to teach students who gave a damn. Clearly, Sociology 101 was to be a waste of both of our time.

Or so I thought.

Many years later, I find myself wishing I'd studied more sociology - because people are truly fascinating creatures, and understanding them is the key to success in just about any endeavor. OK, maybe if you're some kind of micromolecular-hemoglobologicologist, you'll be able to spend your time in solitude... just you and your hemogloboscopes I suppose... But for the rest of us...

Success lies in understanding people.

Success with anything.

Success with life.

Success with work.

Success with love.

Success with love?

...Success with love...

The secret is understanding people. And clearly it is a secret, because I've yet to figure it out.

...to be continued.

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