Touch His Belly?

I guess it's about time I added a category for interesting web finds to pass along. The new category is "the internets," in honor of our president, who may or may not know what the internet actually is - but that's a topic for another day.

Here's a hilarious site I stumbled on today...

Some guy has set up a blog where he posts pictures of people touching his belly. He calls his blog...

...hang on
...wait for it
...waaait ffffforrr iiiiiiit

He calls his blog: "Touch My Belly."

"The concept is a simple one: Convince stranger(s) to touch my belly while being photographed. There are only two rules for the project: I can't know the person touching my belly and I can't pay anyone for doing it. Gotta be a stranger who will do it for free. The real art of the thing is in the pitch."

Here's a shot from his site:


His site is at touchmybelly.blogspot.com. It's phenomenal. Definitely check it out!

(Oh, internet, how I love thee. Thank you for bringing such oddities into my life)

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