Speaking Of Music Millenium...

God do I love Portland. It's as if nobody ever told these people there are half a million people living here. This can be such a small town sometimes - but that's just part of what makes Portland great.

The current issue of Willamette Weekly is my favorite issue of the year. It's their annual Best Of Portland list. And filed under "Best Place To Stick It To The Music Industry" is this little gem:

Forget the billboard charts: If you want a line on the week's biggest hits, check out the trash can outside of Music Millennium (801 NW 23rd Ave., 248-0163). The can's lid is adorned with about a hundred CD spine stickers attached by music consumers who can't wait to get home before tearing into their goods. According to MM assistant manager Davis Cain, "You can look at that trash can and see what's hot for the week; the newest titles are all right there."

A few various other "Bests" from this year's list:


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Andi said:

I agree, yay Portland! The Willamette Week's free mag -Finder- has a lot of great P-town trivia. For example:

"Number of Portland-area homeowners who reported a severe toilet breakdown in 2002: 4300."

::::: | August 12, 2005 5:23 PM

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