In Cahoots With Moot

I feel bad for the word Moot.

Moot is a word that doesn't come up often enough in everyday conversation. When was the last time you busted out a Moot over dinner and drinks? Hmmm? Maybe at the office? Or while hanging out with friends? Ever slip in a Moot while being intimate?

I. Didn't. Think. So.

Without even realizing it, you are pushing Moot into obscurity. But I'm not putting all the blame on your shoulders. You had help... and that help came in the form of a Working Class Dog.

Moot's downfall began in the winter of 1981. Rick Springfield was searching for something... anything... that rhymed with 'cute.' The result was obvious. Our poor friend Moot found itself clumsily blaring out of radio speakers worldwide. Moot was overexposed. It all happened so fast.

Ever since then, Moot's just been sitting in the dictionary, squashed between Moosewood and Mop. And Moosewood is really just Striped Maple, so that shouldn't be in the dictionary at all. Not that removing Moosewood would mean better dictionary placement for Moot. Moot would still fall between Moose and Mop. Who the hell needs to look up either of those? I mean, let's be honest... if you have to look up the word Mop, would you even know what to do with a word like Moot?

Thus, Moot remains mostly forgotten - but not by me.

I very much enjoy quality usage of underutilized words - and I can't get me enough of a word like Moot. If not for the fact that my singing voice is two blocks south of Horrendous & Tonedeaf, I'd walk around singing Jessie's Girl all day and night, just so I'd have an excuse to get my Moot on.

"Y'know I feel so dirty
when they start talkin' cute
I want to tell her that I love her
but the point is probably moot...

cuz she's watching him with those eyes!
And she's loving him with that body!
I just KNOW IT!"

One would think that after being featured in a Rick Springfield song, a word has nowhere to go but up. In this case, apparently not. It looks like Moot has become... well... moot.

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