Bummed Out

A memory from the spring of 2001:

I was the Creative Services Director of a radio station called Hot 100 in Dallas Texas. We'd recently hired a new Operations Manager, and he'd decided to kill the station and relaunch it as something else instead. That led to many of us being fired. ...including me.


Immediately after Hot 100 was blown up, I spotted a noticeable change around town. In a metro area of more than five million people, that's quite an accomplishment.

I was in the car with the woman I was dating at the time. As we pulled onto the freeway, I spotted something peculiar. A few miles later, I saw it again... and then again. And again!

Suddenly, the station was everywhere!

I don't know who did it... maybe it was the marketing director who oversaw the group of stations, or maybe one of the staffers who'd been fired...? All I know is that somebody must have taken all of the Hot 100 t-shirts, jackets and hats and dropped it all off at a city mission.

It seemed like every bum from Dallas to Forth Worth was sporting the Hot 100 logo.

Finally, the station was everywhere.
Everywhere but on the air, that is...

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