This Place Is A Dump

I talk about my cats too much.

There's a sound Tucker makes when he comes to bed. He first tends to settle in towards my feet and make himself comfy. If I move, he'll let out a "Ohhherrrrerrrrrruhmph," as if to say "This place is a dump! My life is shit!"

It's completely untrue of course. He's living in the lap of luxury (not to mention currently being curled up in the lap of Rob - but that's not the point).

I have no doubt that he's a happy cat. But that doesn't mean he never gets frustrated. He certainly does, and he let's the world know.

I get frustrated too - sometimes for the dumbest reasons.

In the time I should be spending reading the new Harry Potter, I've instead been building a website for a friend. Building, designing, creating... you know what I mean.

I finished his site today. And then, tonight, when I came back to Jalpuna - all I could say is ohhherrrrerrrrrruhmph!

This place is a dump.

Cruz's website

Ok, maybe Jalpuna isn't really a dump - but the new site I made is like a shiny new thing, y'know? Shiny new thing! Shiny new thing! Oooh. I built it for my buddy Cruz. It's dead simple, but I really like it.

Now I've just got to wait for him to start using it.

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