Pillow Redesign

I lay my head on my pillow each night.

With a "Prrr!!!," Simon comes to join me, curling up in the space between my body and my extended right arm. I run my fingers through the fur on his back, and he purrs even louder.

I roll onto my side, fluffing my pillow a few times with a fump fump fump sound. I reach to pull the covers around my shoulders. And I lie there.


...Not comfortable. "Let's try this..." I roll over. Fluff the pillow. Adjust the covers. Pet the cat.


I shuffle the order... Roll over, pet the cat, THEN adjust the covers, and THEN fluff the pillow.


Time passes. Frustration sinks in.

I have a lot of creative energy at night, which makes falling asleep a challenge because I've first got to figure out how to shut my freaking mind OFF. Otherwise, I'll rethink whatever project I'm working on - considering it from a million directions - before ultimately having the mother of all ideas come to me at 1 am.

And, of course, I have to try it that very moment.

"What?" I say to my newfound idea... "You think it'll look cool if I drop three squares onto a solid background and rotate different pictures inside the outer squares based on the pointer position of the inner square, using it as a menu?"

OK, that's not exactly the mother of all ideas... more like a second cousin twice removed... but still.

The time is 11:30pm. I've been lying in bed for over an hour. "Fuggit!" Knowing there's no chance of falling asleep (not with this newfound twice removed second cousin of all ideas in my head), I head over to my computer to tinker with my robsdemo website.

the new design of robsdemo.com

In the end, I redesigned both of my other two sites. Here's the new design of this is the box, which just went up yesterday:

the new design of thisisthebox.com

I finished that one yesterday morning, which meant a good night's sleep last night.

Yay for that.

And yay for design.

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