One Ice Cream Truck Away From A Psychotic Episode

While Republicans are at a stalemate in their quest to drill for oil in Alaska, it appears they've settled on drilling outside my window instead.

WwwwwRRRrr RRrrRRrr rRRrrRRr RRrrr zzzZ grprtftwwww!!!


I have no idea what they're really up to out there, but it sucketh a large amount of ass.

construction noise

I can't complain too much really. Whatever they're doing, they seem to be doing it in the morning, meaning the noise doesn't linger all day. And when you consider that I live downtown, it's pretty amazing how quiet my place is most of the time.

City life comes with all kinds of noises. The other night around 2am, I decided to open a window. Little did I know, the street-sweeper would be coming by in a half hour. First came the yellow and white glow of the street-sweeper-truck's lights across our windows. Simon was lying next to me, and he started to get tense. Then came the noise, Noise, NoiSe, NOISE! I reached to pet Simon - to soothe him - which must have led to sensory overload because he panicked and took off, sending himself flying right off the far side of the bed.

Whoooooosh!!! Scamper, scamper.

Noise is the price one pays for the ultra-convenience of city life. I've grown to love the whir of the streetcar as it passes by. I don't even hear the bee-boo of our building's parking garage exit ramp anymore.

But if there's one sound that can drive me over the edge, it's the ice cream truck.

It may sound cute to you... The Music Man blared at top volume while that fucker circles through the neighborhood looking for suckers. I'll admit, it sounded cute to me too the first time I heard it. "Awe, it's summertime" I thought. Except that it wasn't summer at all...

It. Was. March.

Luckily, that sound seems to have gone away too. I suppose he's moved on to more ice-cream-friendly neighborhoods. Maybe he took a look inside my freezer and realized "Whoa! My work here is done!" Well sorry to tell you pal, but those are all empties. Recycling's a bitch, doncha know.

ice cream

Seriously though - my building is so long that the trash/recycling room has its own address. No kidding.

Hell - those containers ARE biodegradable.... I should ask the construction guys to bury 'em in that hole they're digging outside my loft. I could just pitch 'em out my window.

OK, maybe not.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

WrrRRrRrrrr rrRRRRrrRRrr RRrrrrr!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Let's hope they strike oil soon.

construction noise

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