Go Katie Go!

If this isn't the sweetest story of the day, I don't know what is.

In upstate New York lives a girl named Katie Brownell. Katie's an eleven year old girl with blonde hair, glasses and a shy smile. She plays little league, with boys. In fact, she's the only girl playing hardball in the league she plays in.

Being the only girl in a traditionally 'boys' sport must have been hard for her, I'm sure. She's taken more than her fair share of mistreatment from the boys who thought she should be playing softball with the girls' league rather than hardball with the boys. She came very close to moving over to the girls league this year, but, at the last moment, decided not to.

I bet she's glad she made that choice.

In her first game of the season, Katie struck out fourteen batters in five innings, allowing only one hit. In her third game, however, she struck out every single batter she faced. I can't even imagine the faces of the parents as they watched Katie lead her team to an 11-0 shutout.

Yes, Katie pitched a perfect game.

Her story is featured today in the New York Times as well as NYTimes.com ...it's sweeter than sweet! Way to go Katie!

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