What Are YOU Lookin' At?

I don't think Tucker understands that the toilet is more or less my litter box.

He follows me into the bathroom. I have to keep an eye out for him, or I could easily smack him with the door... because he's always five to ten feet behind me. If I close the door before he comes into the bathroom, he will sit there, on the other side of the door, and stare - waiting for it to open. Once it's clear that the door isn't going to open any time soon... "Maaaaawwwww!!!!"

This is why I'm not a parent. If he were a kid instead of a cat and had a voice that obnoxious, I'd have to tell him... "You really shouldn't talk. Other kids have nice voices. But you? Not so much."

Simon's got a cute meow. But Tucker's is like kitty-claws across a chalkboard.

The last thing I want is for him to sit on the other side of the bathroom door and complain. So, I let him follow me in.

And what does he do while I enjoy a lovely bowel movement?

He sits at my feet, staring up at me as if to say "Make something HAPPEN!"

Hello! Take a sniff buddy... I am making something happen... and I'm not even expecting anyone ELSE to scoop it.

The boys, losing their sunshine

Cats are strange creatures. Check out those fuzzy feet!

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