J'aime Google

I hope this doesn't come off as one of those old-fart "back when *I* was a kid" kind of posts... but really... back when I was a kid, we had to actually find someone to translate foreign languages for us.

We had no Babblefish. We had no Google translator doodad.


We walked for miles uphill through the snow in both directions to find the foreign exchange student who'd do our French homework for us.

And we LIKED it.

OK, we didn't like it. In fact, we lost a hell of a lot of lunch money that way, not to mention frostbitten toes and worn out knees. But still - we got the job done.

And we thanked god our school had a kid from France rather than Zimbabwe like last year...

These days, click a button, and whadayaknow... you get your Jalpuna in Chinese!

Jalpuna, in Chinese

On a side note: How do you write the word "Porn" in Chinese? Apparently, it's still "Porn." Who knew?

Porn, in Chinese

Here's my favorite excerpt from a translated Jalpuna post:


Smack indeed... That's some funny mierda...

As the title says, I love Google!

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