Superb Usage Of The Word "Dude," And A Fish

This has to be one of the most unique uses for a website that I've seen in a while... A man named Jeff and his wife Carrie have set up what he calls their "ultimate aquarium" and dedicated a weblog to it.

One look at this picture (from cubereef.com), and I long for the days when I had an aquarium.

photo from cubereef.com

My aquarium was a 45 gallon Tall Tank. Without going into too much detail, let's just say that I am the reason you're not supposed to have an aquarium in an apartment.

One of my funniest fish-story memories comes from a friend (Dylan) who was flying across the country (from North Dakota to Portland actually) for a new job. All of his stuff was on a moving truck headed west, except for two suitcases of clothes, and a particularly interesting carry on item.

He was carrying a fish in a plastic bag, half filled with water.

He walked right up to the airport security people, plopped the bag with his wet friend on the little ramp that carried it through the x-ray machine.

The conversation that followed was a classic... I only wish I could have been there to hear it.

"What's that?"

"Dude, it's a fish."

Dylan picked up his fish at the other end of the x-ray machine (which I suppose means the fish checked out ok - it wasn't hiding a bomb under its scales or anything of that nature). He then proceeded to board the plane - where he lowered the table-tray in front of him to give the little bugger a view.


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kara said:

Too funny!

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