Tucker has always been the cat of many nicknames - including:

The latest addition is "Squishy." It's not that he is fat. Hell, he's far from it. Squishy comes from the fact that he's got so much damn fur. Reach to pick him up, and it's all one big squish.

One of his favorite spots to lounge is on top of the dresser.

The problem with him being on the dresser is that this is a loft. It's all one big space where divisions flow from one into the next. The dresser more or less marks the end of the bedroom. Against it, on the far side, sits a tall trash can with a step-lid.

Picture Tuck sitting on top of that dresser when somebody walks by to throw something away. This, of course, demands his attention - which means he leans in to see what's going on, and occasionally gets hit in the nose with the trash can lid as it pops open.


He's not the brightest of animals, but I love him.

I especially enjoy the way Tucker likes to lie on top of the dresser with his head dangling off.

He's not the brightest of animals.

But I love him.

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