So A Guy Walks Up To Me And Says "Hey, I Was Thinking About Killing My Wife"

...but first, he wanted to make sure he was living in a felony-friendly state.

"Are you wealthy?" I asked.


"Where do you live?" I asked.


"You're cool."

Here's quote from the latest high profile degenerate to get a California free pass:

"If you live to be a million, you will never ever in your life meet anyone more blessed than me"
- Robert Blake

No kidding.

He had the nerve to complain about the cost of the trial, saying "If you want to know how to go through $10 million in five years, ask me"   ...maybe we should ask his wife.

Oh wait - he shot her.

And so, yet another search for yet another "real killer" begins. Maybe Michael Jackson will launch a search for the real molester when his fan appreciation day comes with a wink and a smile and a not guilty.

Knife for lopping off ex wife's head:

'Jesus Juice' for getting soon to be molested little boys drunk:

Knowing you've picked the right state to call your home:

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