Nine Reasons To Smile

  1. Dryer's Tuxedo somethingorother ice cream. It's minty with chuncks of Oreo cookies...

  2. Sharing a bowl of said ice cream.

  3. Portland skies turning gray again for weekend rain. Am I the only one who enjoys this weather?

  4. The new CD by The Decemberists is phenomenal. (sample it HERE on the iTunes music store)

    "The Sporting Life" and "16 Military Wives" are among this disk's many standouts. And how much more Portland can you get than a song about the bus mall?

  5. An old story that still cracks me up.

    I'm no fan of April Fool's Day, but there's one certain prank from years past that can always make me laugh...

  6. Trader Joe's!

  7. I guess I should add Trader Joe's Chilean Collection wines.

  8. A pot of freshly ground coffee awaits me in the morning. That's always bliss.

  9. The number nine makes me smile! Does it make me superficial if I like numbers with curves? Sixes are good. Eight's are nice... can't complain about a three here and there... curvy curvy... but NINE? Wowza! You get a big loopy thing at the top with a bar that drops straight down like a flagpole...

    ...that's hot...

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