My Valentine

Valentines Day serves a reminder that human beings are truly beautiful. But we're also pretty damn stupid.

The beauty is obvious.

Take a walk through downtown Portland tonight, and you'll see bar after bar and restaurant after restaurant filled with couples. Some of these couples will be madly in love. Others will be taking a chance that maybe, somehow, the occasion will lead to magic. Maybe it will, and maybe it won't.

The 'pretty damn stupid' side of Valentines Day is obvious as well.

So many people lose their common sense on Valentines Day. You know who I'm talking about: the "I hate Valentines Day" people. The "it's a Hallmark conspiracy" people. The "it's all so fake and contrived" people. They get so caught up in the 'idea' of Valentines Day that they deny themselves a little romance.

Who really gives a rats ass if Hallmark makes a buck?

Porn companies make a mint off the internet, and yet, here you are - on the internet. If you don't like someone capitalizing on Valentines Day, don't put your money in their coffers. It's that simple. But why should that stop you from taking this opportunity to tell someone you love them? ...or that you like them? ...or that you think they're special? ...or whatever you think might make them smile?

It's. Just. A. Day.

The earth wasn't created on January first. Somebody picked that date as the beginning of a calendar year and it stuck.

Jesus wasn't born on December twenty fifth. He was most likely born in spring. Does this make Christmas any less worthy of celebration? Not in the least.

It's just a day.

Our little planet spins, causing the sun to appear to rise and fall. Whatever meaning we place on a particular period of time is of our choosing.

So, choose.

You can ignore Valentines Day out of spite if you wish. So be it. But I will be with my girlfriend, making absolutely certain that she knows she is loved. Granted, I'll do that tomorrow too - but I'll just be calling that "tuesday'.

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