It's A Gas, Gas, Gas

When you date a person... wait - that's a pretty fucked up way to begin any thought. As if you'd be dating an animal or a plant (though we all know Duncan is quite a looker - but that's beside the point).

--- TAKE TWO ---

When you date someone, you notice things. At first, you notice how attractive this special person is. You notice the way this person looks, smells, and feels. Everything is unique. You notice the way this person holds your hand, and how he or she...

--- TANGENT ---

He or she my ass! The English language needs a freaking third-person singular gender neutral pronoun for christ sake!

--- TAKE THREE ---

New love is bliss. Everybody knows that. But new love becomes real love when you drop the pretenses. The ideal of perfection is quickly replaced by a heap of "what the hell are you doing, and - more to the point - WHY?"

Oh, sure, those cute things are still there... hand holding still feels special... touch still meaningful (if not more so), and that smell becomes... hey, wait one minute here -- what *IS* that smell?

Somebody's gassy!

A-HA! And there you have it: The difference between 'dating' and a relationship - the difference between new love and real love. It's gas.

Did you ever notice that nobody ever has gas on a first date? There's no belching, no farting... no fumes of any kind really. How is this possible? Does the human digestive system alter its inner workings when said digestive system's owner is on a date?

One can only wonder.

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