Duct Tape: It's Not Just For Homeland Security Anymore

Just a quick FYI post here...

This site was held together with virtual duct tape for far too long. As of this past weekend, I've completed the move to a proper web host. This might have broken a few links.

If you subscribe to my site feeds, or if you've got this site bookmarked, here are the proper link locations:

Jalpuna | main page:   http://jalpuna.com

The actual page is at: http://jalpuna.com/index.shtml, though it's best to just link to jalpuna.com (that's a good rule of thumb for just about any domain name really)

Site feeds:
rss 2.0:   http://www.jalpuna.com/index.xml
rss 1.0:   http://www.jalpuna.com/index.rdf
rsd:   http://www.jalpuna.com/rsd.xml
atom:   http://www.jalpuna.com/atom.xml

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