Next On My To Do List: Peace In The Middle East

Finally, after what feels like an eternity, I have phone service again. After battling the beast that is MCI, accomplishing something such as building a bridge toward achieving middle east peace should be a piece of cake. After all, neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians have MCI's layers upon layers of customer support to deal with.

I received what felt like THE most frustrating email of all from MCI Friday morning. It said:

"I've confirmed that your phone number was moved to the following service address: XXXX Jefferson Ave [previous street address] Unit Number XXX [current apartment number] Portland, OR 97201"


Hello left hand? I'm the right hand. How are you today?

Breathe in...   ...breathe out.

A few angry emails later, a technician was here - in my apartment - hooking up the phone service which appeared to have been ready for nearly THREE WEEKS.

What I find truly unbelievable about my experience with MCI customer support can be broken down into three parts:

  1. There is no way to contact MCI when a customer has a phone outage other than contacting MCI by phone. They can only handle the most basic of basic inquiries via their web based/email support.

    Ridiculous! If my phone was working, I wouldn't have needed customer support.

  2. Each time a customer calls MCI customer support to follow up on a problem, the customer is routed to a new customer support representative.

    That means starting over from square one each and every time.

    That also means hearing the same knuckle-headed conclusions time and time again.

    I swear to god, if they asked me if my phone was plugged in one more time... or, if they asked me to unplug it and plug it back in one more freaking time. Are we really reverting back to the days of "did you jiggle the wire?" For Christ sake! Come ON!!!

  3. MCI had come up with a plan to resolve this very customer service issue two years ago. A senior MCI representative went so far as to discuss the solution on a nationally syndicated radio program in December, 2003. Here we are in 2005, and they've accomplished NOTHING
Still... breathe in, breathe out... I've finally got phone service again, and that's really something considering what a mess MCI is internally. Sheesh!

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